Reading List for the Introductory Course in Group Analysis

This is a reading list (suggested by the course director) of basic texts to provide a solid grounding in essential theory, and a sense of the ‘spirit’ of group analysis.
Group analysis is an evolving process, now global, adapting and changing in different contexts, with a growing number of international writers and contributors.

S. H. Foulkes and group analysis:

  • ‘Group Psychotherapy: The Psychoanalytic Approach’.

S.H. Foulkes and E.J. Anthony (1957) Karnac.
This was a result of a collaboration between Foulkes, the originator of group analysis, and E.J. Anthony, a friend and colleague of Foulkes who contributed a very great deal to the early days of group analysis. Still a real classic, it captures the ‘spirit’ of group analysis as well as giving useful tips for the beginner.

  • ‘Introduction to Group Analytic Psychotherapy’

S.H.Foulkes (1948) Karnac.
This is a fascinating book that describes the very earliest attempts to establish group analysis as a therapeutic medium. Apart from the historical interest and curiosity that serious students should have, it describes Foulkes’ pioneering efforts to establish group analysis in different settings, something that all students are faced with one way or another. It is also a formative work in the process of distinguishing group analysis from individual analysis and other modalities.

  • ‘Therapeutic Group Analysis’

S.H.Foulkes (1964) Karnac.
This re-works and brings together many of the themes in the first two books in a slightly more ordered and well-edited way. I think it loses something in the process, but it does have some very interesting additions, such as a chapter called ‘Psychotherapy in the Sixties’; a time of great social change and cultural upheaval in the UK at the time. Foulkes writes ‘In this paper I will emphasise the defensiveness of society against the therapeutic process and try to explain it.’ (p136) Some people feel that we are going through a similar historical period at the moment.

  • ‘Selected Papers of S.H.Foulkes’. Psychoanalysis and Group Analysis S.H.Foulkes (1990) Karnac.

Exactly what it says on the book cover. More clinically focused and detailed writing on a number of topics from object relations and ‘interpretation’ to understanding trans-gender patients, with discussion on seminal papers by other authors. Includes a discussion of the Soviet view of group therapy…

  • ‘The Art of Group Analysis in Organisations’ The Use of Intuitive and Experiential Knowledge.

Gerhardt Wilke (2014) Karnac.
Ky tekst përmban kapituj si “Dinamikat edipale dhe familjare në organizatat në ndryshim”. Perspektiva të dobishme, vecanërisht për të interesuarit në zhvillimin e organizatave, si konsulentë, apo pjesëmarrës në ndryshimet organizative.