The Albanian Center for Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Services (ACPPS) operates in Tirana since 2014. It addresses mental health and offers psychoanalytic/ psychotherapy and psychological counseling. These services are offered to those who suffer from emotional concerns or mental health disorders. Individual and group supervision are also provided for students and professionals of psychology and clinical social work.

According to Prof. Dr. Alfred Pritz, Rector of the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, (, psychotherapy is a systematic application of the specific methods for the treatment of emotional sufferings, psychosomatic concerns and of the life crisis of various origins. Not only those who suffer can benefit from psychotherapy. Individuals can receive psychotherapy to explore themselves and to make the desirable changes. The foundation of the psychotherapeutic treatment lies with the relationship between the psychotherapist and the patient/client (Pritz, 2006)

At a time of repeated social traumas brought into our lives, anxiety is the only agreed human response. Psychotherapy helps in understanding the influence of personal and social-political world into one’s emotional isolation. It helps individuals to adjust to the inevitable changes without loosing oneself (Gramo, 2020)

Find your psychotherapist in our webpage. Contact our psychotherapists, who are qualified in psychoanalytic/psychodynamic method of treatment from the accredited international programs of psychotherapy.