The Application of the Group Analysis on the Mental Health and Health Services

The Mental Health Sector at the Department of Health Promotion, Albanian Institute of Public Health in collaboration with the psycho-social sector of the University Hospital Center “Nene Tereza” and with the Albanian Center for Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Services organized the seminar ‘the Application of the Group Analysis on the Mental Health and Health Services”, on November 12, 2015 on the premises of the Telemedicine service. The aim of this activity was to introduce some of the basic principles of Group Analysis, and to identify the need of the health workers, specifically of those mental health professionals about the relevance of applying this approach into their contexts.
Various discussions held in the course of this seminar were addressed to the necessity of the supervision process for the mental health professionals; to the introduction of various applications of group work, therapeutic, supportive and psycho-educational groups into the mental health sector. The qualification on group treatment modalities would be a good opportunity to enable mental health professionals to design and run groups according to their professional goals.
This seminar was conceptualized as a talk among different professionals such as psychologists, social workers, and nurses who shared their experiences and their opinions on case management. They confirmed the need of supervision as a key factor in achieving better work results with the ongoing professional growth.