Who we are

The Albanian Center for Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Services (ACPPS) was founded in May 14th, 2014 according to the NGO Albanian Law. It is located in Tirana, the capital city of Albania and it aims to operate throughout the country. ACPPS emerged as the initiative of a group of professionals in the fields of mental health, human rights, gender equality, and education to engage in one of the greatest challenges of the century: the prevention, treatment, and promotion of mental health.
The steps taken towards mental health in Albanian society are pretty slow, although concerns related to this field are not new. The work of the Albanian Center for Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Services is based on the belief that mental wellbeing, as a fundamental element of individual general wellness, deserves special attention. For this reason, the main goal of our Center’s work is to promote mental wellbeing through:

  • Raising the awareness of individuals to be free from fears and stigma to receiving psychological and psychotherapeutic services
  • Improving psychological and psychotherapeutic services and their quality.