About Us

ASSOCIATION “GROUP ANALYSIS IN ALBANIA”, (GAA) is founded in April 8th, 2016, and is legally registered in May 26th, 2016 according to the NGO Albanian law.

GROUP ANALYSIS IN ALBANIA”, (GAA) became a member organization at EGATIN in April 26th, 2016.

Group Analysis in Albania aims:

To promote and develop the discipline and the practice of Group Analysis, as well as the qualification in Group Analysis in Albania, through:

a) The coordination of the training program in Group Analysis in Albania.

b) The guarantee of the practice and training standards in group analysis according to the standards of European Group Analytic Training Institutes Network – EGATIN.

Steering Committee

Anxhela Gramo, Chair, GAA

Olta Tuholi, Vice-chair, GAA

Ermira Hila, General Secretary, GAA

Andia Meksi, Treasurer, GAA

Arela Çarku, Membership Coordinator, GAA