Qualification Training in Group Analysis

Group psychoanalysis as a discipline and profession was not introduced in Albania until late 2014. The idea on the full training program in group analysis was developed and then implemented upon the initiative of Mr. EraldBekteshi, certified psychotherapist in UK, Mr. Robert Harris, M. Inst. GA, Cert.Ed., and Mrs. Anxhela Gramo, certified psychotherapist from EAP.
Thetraining is recognized by the Institute of Group Analysis in London, UK. The assessment of the course of this program is supervised by the International Courses Committee (ICC).
The Albanian Center for Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Services (ACPPS) is hosting this training and is also responsible about its coordination.
The 1st Introductory Module was held on 24-26th April, 2015. It brought together eleven mental health professionals from Albania and abroad.
The 2nd Introductory Module is planned to be held in November 2015.
Participants from both modules will join together in January 2016 to formally commence the six-year training program in Group Analysis, with the Foundation of Group Analysis course.